If you would like to commission a painting please do get in touch with me via my email.  Prices very much depends on three things: size, the medium ( paint or pencil) and number of subjects ( for a portrait).

To give you a general idea. I will complete a graphite pencil portrait on fine archival paper A4 for £80 and A3 for up to £120.

I tend to paint using acrylic or oil paint. 

A painted portrait/landscape 30cm by 40cm would typically cost between £250-£350. A painting measuring 60cm by 40 cm would maybe cost between £350 and £450. If you want pricings on larger paintings I'm happy to go through this with you. 

Before taking on a commission I will offer a free consultation to thoroughly discuss what you want to achieve with the painting. If you are happy to go ahead with the commission I would ask for a 50% payment before starting on the commission. The balance would be due on finishing the painting. I am happy to offer progress bulletins with photos during the process. Not everyone wants these but some people really enjoy seeing how their painting is taking shape.